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At the London TMJ Clinic, we take great pride in helping our patients and restoring optimal oral health. Each case study below showcases our commitment to excellence, featuring real stories of individuals who have entrusted us with their well-being. Our comprehensive approach and advanced techniques highlight the expertise of our dedicated team.

Join us in celebrating the success stories that define our practice and discover how we can make a difference in your life.

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Case 1: William Barber

I feel like I’ve been able to have a second chance at life thanks to Dr Luke Cascarini. I entrusted in Dr Luke everything and in return, I was listened to. For once my voice was heard, despite everyone else ignoring me. Despite my scans showing no signs, Dr Luke agreed on the TMJ Arthroscopy surgery due to my ongoing concerns I was voicing in our appointments. 8 weeks on: my chronic pain and discomfort to the left side of my face is gone. My hearing has improved greatly. I can smile again. There is no more discomfort. This affected me 24/7 for 5 years straight and I had come to the end of the road with no more options, scared what I would do next…It has been a huge miracle for me. Through Dr Luke’s precision surgery and expert knowledge in this field.

I am using the OraStretch device daily and now have an opening of 45/50mm, which has vastly improved since my surgery, I was in around 15mm opening!

But this really did affect all parts of my life. Even though the area is so small, it really affected me mentally and physically and in all areas such as hearing (left ear constantly deaf), sinuses, pain, inflammation, swelling, spasms, restricted opening then the mental strain of it all being 24/7. I’ve never experienced a feeling that has been SO chronic. It’s ALWAYS been there, EVERY second for 5 years torturing me. People telling you it’s in your head including doctors. Thank you Dr Luke for listening to me, the pain and discomfort is now gone. I can’t tell you what this feels like after 5 years of constant discomfort. It really feels like a new life.

Case 2: Stacey Slater

Mr Cascarini is an outstanding clinician – as well as being an expert in his field he’s also a genuinely lovely person. I went about 2 lumps on my head and was able to book an appointment to see him very quickly with the help of his lovely secretary Marianna. All appointments were at the very smart Harley Street Specialist Hospital. Luke was able to make a swift diagnosis and put me at ease at my initial consultation.

Surgery was arranged quickly – there weren’t long wait lists. The recovery was painless and without any complications and I was home and back to normal activities later that morning. Follow up care was great. I would recommend Mr Cascarini to anyone requiring maxillofacial treatment. Thank you

Case 3: Donovan Donaldson

Mr. Cascarini diagnosed and treated the issue promptly and recovery was seamless. His team also is to be commended as communication was excellent. Would definitely reccomend to anyone who needs a consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in the London area.

Case 4: Ben J

Had a very nice zoom consultation from Germany with Mr Cascarini to discuss treatment options for tmj disc displacement, especially the arthroscopic surgical approach. He was very knowledgeable and patient with me throughout the call and explained all details very clearly and precisely. I also found his advice to be very honest which is most appreciated when dealing with surgeries like these (where nerves run close and are at risk etc). Unfortunately not all surgeons are this straightforward when also discussing the possible risks and downsides of specific procedures. I can absolutely recommend Mr Cascarini if you’re dealing with tmj problems or similar things! He sure is one of the most experienced surgeons in this field in europe and very nice to talk to.

Only problem that occured at first was when trying to make an appointment, things went wrong a couple of times because of communication errors between his office, the orthopaedic specialists hotline and a hospital which as it turned out didn’t actually offer any appointments through his office. But these things can be improved. In any case, his secretary Marianna was very nice and in the end got all things sorted out.

Case 5: Sana Kaladia

Really good experience at this practice. Mr Cascarini was very helpful and knowledgeable. Very patiently listened to the issues and quickly suggested treatments. Communication from his assistants was also very quick and they were extremely helpful every time I had a query. Definitely recommend!

Case 6: Tyler Mckillop

I went to Luke Cascarini for help with painful wisdom teeth. During my appointment, it was discovered that two of my wisdom teeth were severely impacted. Luke and his team promptly scheduled me for surgery and provided all the necessary information to ensure my well-being throughout the process.

As someone who had never undergone surgery before and the fact that I was getting all four removed, I was understandably nervous. However, the surgery ended up being less painful and uncomfortable than I had anticipated, and my recovery was surprisingly quick. I really appreciated Luke and his team’s support – they contacted me three times after the surgery to check on my progress. Overall, I am incredibly grateful to them for making the entire experience stress-free and calming. Thank you!

Case 7: AB Bilateral TMJ with BMAC

I approached Mr Cascarini desperately seeking help with ongoing and debilitating TMJ issues. Typically my jaw was also affected but I had “flare ups” from time to time. This flare up started in May, I had only 4mm of opening, was completely restricted to a soft and liquid diet and had lost 2 stone in weight during this time. I was in constant pain, and felt totally hopeless.

My dentist referred me to a TMJ specialist physio, but this treatment made me worse and so she recommended me to specialist. My experience with this surgeon was not particularly pleasant and he performed a Level 1 bilateral arthroscopy which did not improve my systems. At my follow up, he completely dismissed me and told me the only thing left to do was accept where I was and that I will always have this problem.

After conducting my own research, I found Mr Cascarini’s website and for the first time felt there might be some hope. Contact with his office was super from the moment they answered the phone and I was offered an appointment quickly. When I met with Mr Cascarini via Zoom, I felt instantly at ease. He is incredibly calm, understanding and listens very well (which is evident in the follow up letters I received). He suggested that we meet so that he could inject some anaesthetic into the joint as a diagnostic tool. Following this, I was booked in for my surgery.

Everyone at the Clinic is very friendly and cannot do enough for you. I was even offered the choice of music I wanted to listen to while the anaesthetists put me under! I was telephoned the next day by a nurse to see how I was doing, which I was really impressed with!

Recovery was tough, as with any surgery. I was given an oral stretching to use which helped massively and also gave me something to focus on. I am very pleased that 4 weeks post surgery, I now have 35mm of opening and unbelievably, I am pain free.

I honestly cannot thank Mr Cascarini enough, he has given me my life back and I would not hesitate to recommend him!

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