Post-Operative Care

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Tailored advice and support following your treatment

At the London TMJ Clinic, we are proud to provide full support and care for every patient, from initial appointment through to post-operative care. Your recovery period is an important stage to make sure your final results are as successful as possible.

What happens after my surgery?

After your procedure, you will be given full instructions tailored to your individual case. These will include:

  • How to care for your wound site
  • What you can eat and drink
  • The exercises you will need to do
  • When to take any medication you have been given

A follow-up appointment will be arranged for you, usually around a week after your procedure. During this, we will check your progress, review your medication levels and arrange any further scans or treatment, if necessary. We remain available to be contacted throughout your treatment and recovery, ensuring you feel looked after and confident in your care.

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