Francesca says a BIG thank you to the ‘amazing and talented’ Mr Cascarini and highly recommends him for TMJ (jaw) problems.

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I have a stressful job as a surgical care practitioner. I have worn a retainer/night guard for the last 3 years as I know that I grind and clench my teeth at night.

I started getting significant jaw pain and noticed reduced movement in my jaw at the beginning of January 2021. I hoped it would just go away on its own, but by the start of May I was waking up in constant pain which I couldn’t get rid of, and my ability to open my jaw was becoming less and less as the days went on. I stopped eating, my weight was dropping, I wasn’t functioning or sleeping at night. I had to resort to meal shakes to make sure I still got some daily nutrients. I was beginning to suffer at work and avoiding social get togethers.

Initially I went to see Alastair Fry as I know him from my own work (I’m a surgical care practitioner). He tried injecting Botox hoping that it was just muscles causing the pain, however two weeks on the pain was becoming excruciating. Mr Fry referred me to Mr Cascarini as he specialises in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems.

Following an MRI scan, Mr Cascarini told me that my jaw joint was degenerating and recommended an arthroscopy with BMAC. This involved taking cells from the bone marrow in my hip and injecting into my jaw to help to heal in the damage.

He gave me the confidence that he could help me. He took his time to answer all my questions. I never once felt rushed or pressurised into making a decision regarding my surgery.

The treatment was great and scheduled within 2 weeks of seeing Mr Cascarini. The team were kind and compassionate and the facilities at the hospital were good, all went well. I was in hospital for a day case and 2 hours later I woke up in recovery. I was initially groggy with an ice pack around my head. I had an underlying dull pain which paracetamol and pain relief could deal with.

The next day I took some medication (pain killers) but had come off all pain relief by the end of the day. Where I had had the bone marrow taken from my hip was a bit bruised but there was no pain.

Four weeks on I am now relatively pain free. It can still be painful when I open my mouth to yawn for example, but I’m back sleeping at night, functioning well at work, eating and my jaw opening has increased from below 20mm to 35mm. And I’m still in the early stages of recovery.

I’m so pleased to be relatively pain free and back to living my life normally again.

I cannot thank Mr Cascarini enough and would highly recommend him if you are having TMJ (jaw) problems. I am so grateful to him, his surgical skills and knowledge regarding the TMJ is unquestionable. So a BIG thank you to the amazing and talented Mr Cascarini.

September 2021

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