Victoria thanks Mr Cascarini for giving her her life back following BMAC and arthroscopy for severe jaw problems

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I had a long history of pain since May 2020 when I developed toothache, ear pain and my face became swollen on one side. My dentist diagnosed bruxism (where you grind, gnash or clench your teeth sometimes in your sleep or unconsciously). I was put on the waiting list at Manchester Dental Hospital. I had a wisdom tooth removed, then a root canal treatment, but I still had the same problem.

I then went to see a lead clinician privately and he identified clicking in my jaw so made me a stability splint. By this point I was unable to eat and lost two stone in weight. I also saw an ENT specialist regarding the pain in my ears and he identified an infection; I had botox to reduce the cheek spasm and I had to have counselling as I was so unsure as to what was happening. This was really taking its toll on me and had taking over my life and nothing seemed to be working.

I had been following Mr Cascarini online since July 2020 and thought he may be able to help so I booked an appointment in Jan 2021.

From the moment I saw him he was fantastic, and I felt so at ease. His practice manager Morea was also amazing – so knowledgeable and helpful with my insurance. Mr Cascarini also noticed the clicking in my jaw, so I had an MRI scan and he discussed disc plication surgery. The MRI found bilateral anterial disc displacement with mild condular degeneration. We had a zoom consultation to go through these finding and I was booked for surgery at BMI The Sloane Hospital. During surgery Mr Cascarini found that he couldn’t plicate the discs in my jaw as they both had perforations, so he carried out a BMAC procedure where harvested stem cells from hip to repair joint and take it from there.

I had some discomfort over the next couple of days, but I could eat soft food. Mr Cascarini called me the day after surgery then I saw him for a follow up appointment. I now have a jaw opening of 30-35mm, my jaw is not as stiff and I’m starting to feel like me again. I have an appointment in two months’ time for botox and one of his colleagues will make me a splint. We now have plan in place so feeling positive about the future. It’s been a real journey and has taken over my life. It’s such a relief to get an answer as to what’s been happening in my joints and to have a holistic approach to treatment.

Having seen Mr Cascarini, I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is phenomenal very easy to relate to, he understands and is straightforward, an extraordinary man who has given me my life back. Morea and his team have also been amazing and gave me the reassurance I needed.

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